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H.E. Edward Sawiris Banayoti has a distinguished record of ethical leadership. He is the Founder Executive Chairman of Defence Unlimited International and the CEO of the Canadian League of Lobbyists & Advocacy Professionals (Canada), with its Code of Ethics utilized as a model by various organizations and serves to strengthen the image, and enhance the role as a vital & respected link in the Canadian democratic process.

Mr. Banayoti is the CEO of  Canadian Association of Political Consultants, which is the professional organization for people working in the field of politics. Raising the standards of practice in political consultation, thereby enhancing the political process & improving public confidence in Canadian politics.

Edward Banayoti is a registered Lobbyist in Canada; Federally & Provincially (Ontario). 

Edward Banayoti
Edward Sawiris Banayoti

He is dedicated to supporting the highest standards of business ethics, with his extensive experience of more than 15 years in the fields of intelligence, international security, and diplomacy as a trusted advisor at the highest governmental levels.

Mr. Banayoti is an officer of the Most Venerable Order of St. George,  and a member of the  Royal Heraldry Society of Canada, the Canadian Centre for Ethics & Corporate Policy and the Middle East Studies Association.

Mr. Banayoti is also a distinguished member & Co-Chairman of the ICDT,  an international non-profit organization based in Budapest, Hungary. The Centre collects the experiences of recent democratic transitions and shares them with those who are determined to follow that same path. Focusing on the promotion of democracy, the ICDT has concentrated its efforts on creating concrete and pragmatic goals through collecting and analysing data, organizing and hosting conferences, drafting and presenting reports, and, perhaps most importantly, by running field-projects in many transition countries. The ICDT has been able to compile the collective and individual experiences of peoples from all around Europe, believing that research, coupled with the expertise of some of the world¹s greatest minds and the practical experience gained through our own transitions, facilitates the use of a toolbox that is instrumental to societies preparing to set off on the difficult path towards a well-functioning democracy.

Mr. Banayoti is a member of The Association of Schools of Political Studies. He is a member of the prestigious C.D. Howe Institute and a contributing member to the National Military Intelligence Association

Mr. Banayoti, is an Associate at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the world-leading authority on global security, political risk and military conflict.

Mr Banayoti is a member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Council of Canadians and Canadian International Council (CIC)

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Holding Company: Cornerstone Holdings

Edward Banayoti إدوارد بانيوتي