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We are taking swift action in the fight against COVID-19.

We recognize that the rapid spread of COVID-19 and its wide-ranging impacts have caused severe disruption across society and tragic loss of life around the world. We also recognize that the global pandemic has created a need for urgent action by government, business, communities and citizens.

In response to this crisis, our company will be guided by and operate with three clear priorities:

  • First, we will continue to protect the health and safety of our men and women on the job and their families.
  • Second, we will continue to perform and deliver for our customers because what they do for our national security, global communications, and infrastructure is critical to our nation and our allies.
  • Third, we will do our part to use our know-how, resources, and leadership as a company to assist our communities and our country.
    The specific actions we are taking in support of these priorities are outlined in detail below and will continue to evolve along with the challenges of the health crisis.

How We Are Protecting Our Employees & Communities

By increasing and enhancing the cleaning of high-touch areas; deep-cleaning impacted sites and establishing rigorous criteria for return to work; and asking all employees who can effectively do their jobs from home to telecommute.

By temporarily suspending operations at sites based on continuous assessment of the accelerating spread of the coronavirus in a particular region (in consultation with health officials).

By encouraging virtual meetings whenever possible and physical distancing when face-to-face meetings are critical.

By limiting international travel to business-critical activities to reduce the risk of unexpected quarantine as travel restrictions change.