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Temperature Scanning Devices Now Available!

Medical Unlimited International is now able to provide Temperature Scanning Devices Available to be deployed at AIrports, Hospitals, Stations and More Locations!

With the need to prepare for the other side of COVID-19 and the opening of lock down situations, Medical Unlimited International is now able to provide a number of temperature scanning products that can be deployed to various locations to stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep locations safe.

Medical Unlimited International has many years’ experience as Global Medical, Infrastructure, Safe Travel and Emergency Response Company.

Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Medical Unlimited International have a global supply and distribution base of assets, personnel and suppliers.

At Medical Unlimited International, it is our mission is to bring innovative and affordable products and services to health care providers in an efficient and effective manner. Our most valuable resource, our people, work to distinguish our organization through their commitment to service.

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Click here to view the products Medical Unlimited International has available to mitigate the risk of and combat COVID-19!

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Medical Unlimited International, has a great experience around the world in hospitals operations, and management.


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Medical Unlimited International provides its clients with the highest standards of service and ensure cohesive support to all client’s operations.


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Medical Unlimited International will find the right products for all needs. With many distribution centres, we can carry a comprehensive inventory at all times.


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Medical Unlimited International can fill orders promptly and ship the products to our customers without delay. Our streamlined order processing, makes us the most appreciated on the market.


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