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Medical Unlimited International has years of experience in providing global medical, infrastructure, safe travel and emergency response services to a board range of clients around the world.

It is our mission to bring innovative and affordable products and services to healthcare providers in an efficient and effective manner.

Headquartered in Canada, we are able to provide our high quality products and services to clients across the world. Click below to learn more.

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What We Can Provide

Medical Unlimited International is able to provide a number of different products and services to clients across the globe. 

Hospital Management

We have the ability and experience to manage Hospitals and Medical Facilities around the world.

Maintaining High Standards

Coupled with our experience, we are able to maintain the highest of standards to ensure compliance with local regulations.

Healthcare Products

We can source the most effective products that you need for your healthcare operations.

A few things we’re great at

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Healthcare Inventory

Medical Unlimited International is ready to help healthcare providers mitigate the risk of COVID-19!

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Temperature Scanning

Medical Unlimited International has a number of temperature scanning devices that are ready for deployment.

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Supported by a Larger Group of Companies

Medical Unlimited International is part of a larger group of companies that have broad investments in a diverse range of fields.

Cornerstone Holdings Corp was set up to manage the investments of a single family over the last two decades and has interests in a number of different fields.

Our group of companies have holdings in Defence, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Waste Management, Real Estate and other industries of interest.

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Our Leadership

Our Team is led by Edward Sawiris Banayoti who has years of experience in multiple industries. He has a record of ethical leadership and successes which he continue with Waste Management Unlimited International.

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Whether you are interested in the products in our inventory, require assistance with the management of your facility or looking for assistance with a healthcare requirement, please feel free to fill in the form below and we will be in contact with you.

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